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Tyre fitting may sound like a routine job, however, every automotive/car service should done in a professional manner. In Infinity Auto, we value our customer & their safety, therefore, each time a vehicle drive in, we treated it in a professional manner.
Tyres preference can be very subjective on every individual, hence, we offer wide range of tyre varieties for our customers to chose from. We provide personalised and responsible advice on your choice of product. Although we recognise that different customers require a different balance of quality and price, we will never fit an inferior tyre.
Our team of technician & specialist are experts in all types of cars, guaranteeing a satisfying visit every time. We understand the challenges and problems drivers may face on a daily basis. We are committed to finding solutions for any problems your vehicle may have. We may not offer you the cheapest product but we strive to find the ideal solution to get the best value out of it.
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