NITRON Suspension

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Nitron has enjoyed over two decades of success, including prestigious race victories, class wins and lap records all over the globe. Engineered, designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, Nitron’s international headquarters are located right in the heart of England’s well known ‘Motorsport Valley’, in Oxfordshire.
“Nitron provides the highest quality shock absorbers through a combination of innovation, uncompromising quality and attention to detail. Nitron will always represent excellent value delivered through outstanding levels of customer service."
Nitron shocks are machined from aluminium billet and entirely hand built in the UK. Each fully-serviceable shock is assembled to your specific spring and damping requirements by our highly skilled team. Aesthetics have always played a vital part of our design process to ensure that the shocks look and feel as good as anything else available anywhere in the world.
Nitron benefits from an engineering team with an accumulated experience covering machining, materials technology, hydraulics, motorcycle engineering and F1 racing. Some are even experienced as competitive drivers and riders themselves. The ability to draw upon such a wealth of knowledge provides Nitron with a unique ability that very few other companies in the suspension industry can compete against.
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