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Our Automotive engine oils offer the very latest technology to significantly lower fuel and oil consumption. Additionally, our products boast outstanding performance reserves. All our engine oils carry the required approvals to ensure they meet the stated specifications and standards.

Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Lubrimaxx PowerSyn 5w30

Lubrimaxx PowerSyn 5w40

Lubrimaxx Synomax 0w20

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Semi synthetic Engine Oil

Lubrimaxx M1 Special 10W40

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Synthetic Gear Oil

Lubrimaxx Transgear 75W80

Lubrimaxx Transgear 75W90

Lubrimaxx Transgear 75W140

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Additives products

Lubrimaxx Engine Flush

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Lubrimaxx 5w30-Website
A Quality Assured Comany-Lubrimaxx

Lubrimaxx Powersyn Full Synthetic 

5W30 C3 Engine Oil

It is an advanced fully synthetic motor oil ideal for use in modern engine requiring a 5W30 oil.
• Formulated with a high viscosity index and low pour point.
• Quick lubrication during cold weather starts.
• Engine protection and extend engine life.
• Suitable for late model passenger cars using petrol, diesel and LPG fuel, especially those specifying low viscosity engine oil.
• Provide exceptional anti-wear protection due to its film strength properties and will conserve energy and provide a high level of protection from combustion deposits, heat induced oil oxidation and sludge formation.
Meet or exceeds: 
- SAE 5W30
- ACEA A5/B5/A3/B4
- ACEA C3/C2
- MERCEDES BENZ MB 229.1, 229.3, 229.51
- VW 502.00/505.00/505.01
- BMW LL04

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