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Delkor Co. Ltd was established in 1985, as a joint venture with GM, the biggest automotive company in US. In 2010, with the goal of supplying unrivalled-quality automotive batteries, we joined the world’s largest automotive battery enterprise, Clarios, formerly Power Solutions. 

Today, Delkor Co. Ltd are known as Clarios Delkor Corporation. Delkor supply maintenance-free (MF) batteries to global automotive companies, including Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Honda and Nissan, to name a few. We also extended our battery provision to industrial, commercial, agriculture machinery, deep cycle and marine applications.
In Infinity Auto Pte Ltd, we carefully select & qualify reliable products for our clients. Each brands & products selected refer to our selection guideline in-house to ensure quality products. 
Batteries built to last, longer.
Delkor AGM Batteries

Unprecedented performance, even in the most demanding conditions. Offers up to 3x the cycle life of a standard flood battery when used in start-stop vehicles. Excellent starting power, even at lower charge states and start-stop systems. 

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Delkor EFB Batteries

Ideal for start-stop vehicles not equipped with regenerative braking system. Optimized EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology delivers outstanding levels of reliability, battery life and consistency in performance. Every single day

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Delkor Calcium Batteries

Unique lead-calcium alloy produces a heavy-duty wrought plate that is able to withstand the most arduous conditions. Suitable for the majority of consumer vehicles.

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