Car Insurance Renewal

Infinity Auto Pte Ltd has been providing professional Motor Insurance for many years, help our client to understand the important of their Motor Car Coverage. Our insurance team are specialized in customize the individual needs to suit their usage. Ranging from Third Party coverage to Comprehensive and subsequently coverage over Private Hire Coverage as well. For a non-obligation basis, drop us a call or email to us for your inquiry, our friendly staff is always ready to assist. 

We provide full coverage for all your insurance need. 

Most car insurance companies will auto-renew your policy at the end of its 12-month term.

This means a few weeks before your policy is due to end you’ll receive an email or letter from your car insurer that tells you they will renew your policy.

If you don’t do anything, you will continue to be insured by that company and money will come out of your account on the usual date. If you're not happy with your price, now is the time to act.

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