Car Aircon Repair

Specialized in Car Aircon Repair


Infinity Auto Services specialized in car aircon service. From diagnosis to repair and replacing. Our team of aircon specialist are professional trained. We adopted technology in assisting our diagnosis and repair. We are also a certified workshop by aircon machine manufacturer in Singapore.

Up to 10% of the refrigerant is lost every year, When the compressor oil supply is no longer guaranteed, humidity in the system can cause expensive repairs.

In Infinity Auto Services, we use high-quality materials to resolve all kinds of car aircon related issues, even cleaning and maintenance. Expect honest advice about your car air-conditioning issues and excellent servicing by our team.
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What are our differences?

Infinity Auto Services Pte Ltd is a workshop certified by the World Leading Automotive Equipment Manufacturer, LAUNCH TECH CO., LTD. We represent and undergo professional training by LAUNCH TECH CO., LTD-Singapore. Our team of mechanics & engineers are known for their proficiency in many area of the automotive repairs. Such as computerized diagnosis, programming, coding, analyzing electronics faults with frequency analysis, operating proper equipment in diagnosing car aircon, Electric Vehicle repair, ADAS calibration, ECU Cloning/Repair, TCM Cloning/Repair and many more. 

We sent our team for refreshment training frequently to ensure their knowledge and skill are updated in proficiency in the automotive repair industries. We have training video recorded for our peers from the same trade (Car workshop) to share our knowledge and repairs procedures, troubleshooting as well. We believe in knowledge sharing. 

We welcome our peers from any car workshop to approach us, and we are willingly to share our technology available.

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