Advanced Car Diagnosis

Advanced Car Diagnosis

We adopt the latest cutting edge diagnostic equipment to access all your vehicle’s mechanical and electronic systems. Why are we different from the rest, Infinity Auto is an exclusive provider for the world-leading car diagnostic provider (LAUNCH TECH CO., Ltd) in Singapore. Being the provider, we will have the first hand information & technology in most car make and models, with our vast experiences and know-how in car diagnosis, we assure our customer that all diagnosis is being done professionally with endorsed report for our car owners. Diagnostic are a huge part of our workload. With a wealth of experience team diagnosing faults on your vehicle, we offer dealer-level systems here for a whole job that can be completed.

LAUNCH is one of the first high-tech enterprises in China who dedicated to auto diagnosis, test, maintenance and the R&D and production of tire-related equipment. Over the years, based on the auto diagnostic technology and the advantage of brands, LAUNCH has been leading the auto diagnostic tools industry. In 2013, LAUNCH adjusted its development strategy and committed to becoming a core enterprise for global Internet of Cars. 

LAUNCH TECH Co., LTD which was the pioneer in the OEM Automotive Equipment maker for over 30years , and was listed in the Hong Kong’s GEM board. LAUCNH TECH has a very advance and huge team of R&D in automotive diagnostic, automobile electronics and information system, testing system. With the evolving of LAUNCH TECH advance technology, together with Infinity Auto Pte Ltd, we definitely will reach out and excel through the collaboration and deliver the utmost service standard and quality to our clients and business partners.

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