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Our Accident Recovery Assistance
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The fast, expert & professional support from our INFINITY Accident Assistance gives you as much relief as possible when it counts, and ensures that you and your car are excellently looked after, even in exceptional circumstances. When you call our friendly staff, you are provided with clear instructions on how to behave at the scene of the accident. We can assist to call the police or respective authority on your behalf, if necessary, organize a tow-away service.

Please call +65 8858 8851,we are dedicated 24/7 service for your recovery assistance request. 

Accident Claim Team

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Dos & Dont's following an Accident
Do - Exchange Particulars

 Exchange Particulars of Parties Involved in the Accident and take note of the vehicle numbers

Do - Accident Proof

Take photos of the scene of the accident and the damages to all vehicles.

Do - Call For Assistance

Call Infinity Accident Assistance team @ +65 8858 8851 for towing or further advice on the accident, avoid unknown party assistance and unknown tow-truck. we will assist you in insurance reporting as well. 

Do - IF there are injuries
  1. If there are injured parties in an accident, call for medical assistance and the police immediately.

Make a Traffic Police report as soon as possible or within 24 hours of the accident if the accident involves:

- Fatality

- Damage to government property

- Foreign vehicle

- Pedestrian or cyclist

- Hit-and-run case

- Injury cases where:

at least one person involved in the accident was taken to hospital from the accident scene by an ambulance/self conveyed; or any party involved in the accident was injured and obtained outpatient medical leave for 3 days or more
Do - Filing Accident Report
In Infinity Auto Pte Ltd, we will assist you in filing accident report to your respective insurer. Filing a Traffic Police report is not equivalent to making a report to your insurer. Please note that after filing a traffic Police Report, you are also required to report to your insurer within 24 working hours or by the next working day.

- Do not move your vehicle before taking photographs of the accident scene.

- If someone is injured or there has been a fatal accident, please do not attempt to move the injured person or vehicle(s)

- Under the MCD, motorists are strongly advised NOT TO HAVE ANY DEALINGS WITH AUTHORIZED TOW-TRUCK OPERATORS at the scene of accident. 

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